Germano Bellavia: Main Actor in La Dama Velata

Germano Bellavia: Main Actor in La Dama Velata

The Italian actor Germano Bellavia was born in Naples, on the Western coast of Italy, on July 14, 1970. Throughout his youth he developed a passion for Italian cinema and this, along with his musical talents, led him first to the world of theater. Many of the productions he would eventually be cast in are set in his hometown of Naples.

Bellavia’s First Introduction With Film Acting

He didn’t break into cinema until his fateful encounter with Nanni Loy, director of such films as Made in Italy (1965) and Il Padre Di Famiglia (1967). Loy decided to give him a chance with a part in his dramatic musical film Scugnizzi (“Urchins”) which came out in 1989. The story in Scugnizzi involves juvenile prison inmates struggling to build a musical theater program with help from a man named Fortunato Assante. The plot delves into the backgrounds of each of the young inmates’ lives.

This role worked out well for Bellavia and his career. Several years later, he appeared again in one of Nanni Loy’s films, this time in Pacco, Doppio Pacco e Contropaccotto in 1993. This movie, which is formatted into various episodes, tells the story of scammers in the city of Naples. Bellavia appears as a scammer named Raffaele Apicella, featured in several of the movie’s episodic scenes.

Bellavia’s First Movie – Un Posto Al Sole

In 1995, Bellavia appeared with a small part in the crime-drama film Cuore Cattivo (“Heartless”) and landed another small part the following year in Maurizio River’s Isotta. The success continued when in 1997 he was cast in the popular Italian soap opera Un Posto Al Sole (“A Place in the Sun”) as the character Guido Del Bue, appearing in many episodes between 1996 to 2016. The same year he appeared in the film Naja as Cameriere Bar. Eventually Un Posto Al Sole released its own movie based on the show in which he appeared as well.

It would be a decade before Bellavia appeared again in another movie. In 2008, he starred in Bruno Memoli’s comedy Piacere Michele Imperatore. Several years later, he was cast in another comedy, Mozarella Stories (2011), directed by Edoardo De Angelis.

In 2013, Bellavia was in the spoof Sodom: The Other Side of Gomorrah, which presented a comedic spin on the crime classic Gomorrah. After spending several years appearing comedies, he would move again back to drama. From there, he went on to play the role of Bote in a television miniseries, La Dama Velata (“The Veiled Lady”), directed by Carmine Elia. The series was twelve episodes. This series told the story of Carla Grandi. the aristocratic but wild daughter of a Count who is forced into an arranged marriage.

With all this work under his belt, Bellavia has proven himself a flexible Italian talent, capable of excelling in television and movie roles, as well as on the stage.