Carmine Elia, Italian Filmmaker

Carmine Elia, Italian Filmmaker

The Italian filmmaker Carmine Elia was born in the beautiful municipality of Cinisello Balsamo in Northern Italy. His entry into the realm of film and directing began in 2001 when he became assistant director to Gianpaolo Tescari, who has worked on many different movies, documentaries and television series. Together they worked on the series Onora Il Padre, a story about a police inspector investigating the possible connection between various murders.

Carmine’s Work…

After his work on Onora Il Padre, Elia assisted in the direction of many other television series between 2001 and 2005, including Il Lato Oscuro (2002), Don Bosco (2004), Through the Eyes of Another (2005), and Callas e Onassis (2005).

His own solo directorial debut began in 2006, when he started work on the television series Don Matteo. This show starred Terence Hill, also known as Mario Girotti, a popular Italian actor, director and screenwriter, famous for his spaghetti westerns with Bud Spencer. Hill plays the titular protagonist Don Matteo Bondini, a pastor who helps solve murder investigations. The show ran from 2006 to 2011 with a total of six seasons. Elia directed thirteen episodes in this series, launching his career in television show direction.

In 2007, Elia directed eight episodes of the medical drama television series Nati Ieri, set in a maternity ward and starring Sebastiano Somma. The following year he directed five episodes of Married to a Cop and episodes of Emergency Treatment, another medical drama.

Elia’s First TV Movie

Elia directed his first television movie with the 2009 comedy Occhio A Quei Due (which translates into English as “Watch out for those two”). The plot involved two cops with two very different personalities working together with comedic effect, starring both Enzo Iacchetti and Ezio Greggio. The movie received more than four million viewers the night it debuted.

He returned with another TV movie in 2012 with Santa Barbara, a well-reviewed drama that tells the story of governor Dioscuro and his daughter Barbara, the latter which embarks on a spiritual quest after the death of her mother in conflict with the wishes of her politician father. The movie starred Vanessa Hessler and Massimo Wertmuller.

After this, Elia directed several episodes for the series Rossella and released another TV movie that is set right after World War II, La Strada Dritta (2014) and two more television series: La Dama Velata (2015) and Il Sistema (2016). The most popular of the three was La Dama Velata (“The Veiled Lady”), which premiered on March 17, 2015 and starred Miriam Leone, actress, television personality and former winner of Miss Italy. The series takes place in the nineteenth century and tells the story of a willful, stubborn Clara Great, forced into an arranged marriage by her cold father. The show wrapped up in 12 episodes and received positive reviews.

With multiple television series and movies under his belt, much more can be expected from Carmine Elia in the future. Keep your eye out for future films and series directed by this talented Italian filmmaker.