La Dama Velata (The Veiled Lady) 2015 TV Series: Full Facts

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The Italian-Spanish television miniseries La Dama Velata premiered on March 17, 2015, preceded with high expectations. This non english movies online to watch free on, is a popular TV movie – serie which was directed by Italian filmmaker Carmine Elia, born in Cinisello Balsamo and previously known for his 2012 TV movie Santa Barbara, the dramatic story of a Christian martyr, and most recently the 2016 series Il Sistema. With La Dama Velata, Elia makes another great contribution to Italian television.

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Directed By:

  • Carmine Elia

Leading Roles:

The Veiled Lady – Back In 19 Century

La Dama Velata, which translates into English as “the veiled lady,” takes place in the latter half of the nineteenth century in the northern Italian province of Trentino. As a period piece, all the actors are dressed aesthetically in the era’s costumes, creating a visually pleasing historic environment for the viewer. On top of that, the mystery-drama creates a beautiful but tension-filled setting that will excite those that dive into the first episode.

And the excitement continues throughout…

The series stars the Italian actress and Miss Italy beauty pageant winner Miriam Leone, who also appeared in a leading role in the 2015 television series Non Uccidere. In La Dama Velata, she leads as the lovely but mysterious aristocratic lady Clara Grandi. Headstrong and a bit abrasive, Clara is at odds with her distant father, Count Vittorio Grandi, who forces her into a loveless marriage with a rich nobleman. Previously sent away from her family to grow up on a farm, as Count Grandi laid blame on his daughter for the tragic loss of his wife, she grows up quite different from the rich well-to-dos she finds herself surrounded by when it comes time for marriage.

Clara Makes Changes – La Dama Velata

The eventual marriage is not as cold as one might expect. The new domestic environment paves the way for new rivalries, social battles, and tensions. All the while, the complex figure of Clara both knocks down barriers and creates new ones with her volatile personality, invoking drama and eventually even her entanglement in crime and tragedy. She is flung unexpectedly into trouble, and must make brash decisions to protect herself.

The story is melodramatic with an air of mystery throughout. Clara’s strongly held beliefs are cast into doubt, and her dynamic figure is soon stuck between love, mistrust, and sabotage. There are issues not only with her new husband, but also complications that arise with his conniving family members, particularly his aunt and cousin.

The twists and turns of this narrative wrap up in 12 episodes, Clara facing new and unforeseen challenges while she herself changes dramatically along the way. Her character is a compelling one, filled with modern sensibilities but trapped in the web of a controlling society and greedy criminals who wish to exploit her.

By the end of the miniseries, you will both love Clara and feel for her plight — perhaps even admire her for the decisions she reaches in order to solve the problems that arise unexpectedly from the arranged marriage that sets the stage in the first episode. Fans of drama, romance and mystery will all find something here to love.

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